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The Tennis Company also has the sophisticated equipment and expertise to offer racquet matching. Racquet matching is the process of setting up two or more frames to play as much alike as possible.

When Two of Kind Are Not the Same
Did you know that two samples of the same racquet model can vary by as much as 15% in weight or balance? Left uncorrected, these variances can cause two samples of the same model to play quite differently.

Sometimes Different is Bad
Different is not good. How are you supposed to play with consistency when your racquets don’t even play the same? You can’t. Advanced amateurs can’t do it. Pros can’t do it.

Serious players want every one of their racquets to play the same. Pros insist on it.

Doing it Right is Not Easy
f this is so important, you may be wondering why you don’t hear about it more often. The reason is that the majority of pro shops don’t offer it. Racquet matching requires expensive complicated equipment and a serious amount of expertise to use it properly.

The machine that makes all this possible is our Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center, better known in our trade as the RDC. The RDC is a high tech instrument capable of taking precision measurements of several racquet and string specifications. It can measure weight, balance, stiffness, string bed stiffness, and a particularly critical characteristic known as “swing weight”.

The RDC also costs more than many small used cars. A small used car is also easier to understand and operate for most novices!

Match Making!
In the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced operator, the RDC becomes the reference point that a racquet technician needs to make two or more racquets play alike.

As part of the racquet matching service we offer at The Tennis Company, we can use our RDC to generate a full set of specifications for two or more of our customer’s racquets.  As needed, we make adjustments in weight and balance until the RDC measurements of the racquets are as similar as possible.

Happy Ending
In many cases, the result is two or more frames that feel and play so much alike, that most players can’t tell them apart. At times, a perfect match isn’t possible, but differences are always dramatically reduced.